1. Soon Online
    New Gallery: Remilia Scarlet!

  2. 13 November 2012
    My gorgeous experience with All-Stars Battle Royale Spot by Playstation!

  3. 11 October 2012
    New: Xenoblade
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Welcome to AuraRinoa.it

Hi there, I'm Aura and I'm an Italian Cosplay girl since 2003. Latest version online since 15/3/2010
Mobile version online since: 29/8/2011

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Be right Back!

Sono momentaneamente in ferie dal Cosplay.. ma ho ancora alcune foto da pubblicare e tante cose da raccontare! Presto online un nuovo set fotografico: Remilia Scarlet (thx to Alessio Mannino) e alcune nuove foto di Xenoblade scattate a Lucca Comics 2013. Stay Tuned!