Do you want to know more about me and my life?

Birthday 4 September 1986
Age 26
Height 1.60
Residency Italy, Sicily, Palermo
Languages Italian, English and French
Cosplayer since 2003
Favourite color Purple and pink
Hobbies Drawing, playing videogames, cosplaying and going out with friends
Occupation Webdesigner for Noatel Spa
First cosplay Rinoa Heartilly, Final Fantasy VIII
Favourite cos. Shadow Lady, black version (check it out)

Who's AuraRinoa?

Nariko - Heavenly Swordenglish > I’m a just a girl like every other girl in the world…but I have a great passion: Cosplaying!
My passion started in the early 2003 when I went to Lucca Comics & Games and I saw some people dressed as videogames characters. In 2004 I decided to go back to Lucca with the Cosplay of Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII : I realized a dream! From that day I discovered a new world full of friends and fun. Today I have more than 21 costumes, all made by me (I’m good at crafting objects rather than tailoring, so I often ask for my mother’s help).. and my passion grows day after day.

In 2008 I won the first award as Cosplay Queen during Cartoomics together with my bestfriend: Alessio. During the same year, with my group of Reyarth, I won the Magic KnightS Award!
And, during Lucca Comics 2008, I won an award as "Best Fantasy Costume" with my Paladin Bloodelf Cosplay (Tier 2) set improved For Lucca Comics, we've been hired by Upper Deck Italy: a famous society which produces Yu-Gi-Oh and World of Warcraft cards, in order to become their "images" by standing inside the games area of the convention.
Dion Rinoa - Dion Rogers
Apart from Cosplaying, I love drawing, paiting and travelling. I think that one of the best thing we can do in our life is to travel around the world and make new experiences. I actually work as webdesigner for an agency here in Palermo, but I work as freelance too. I enjoy very much making websites.. so if you need one, don't hesitate asking me! If you want so see my works, please visit my online portfolio!
Lately I listen to every kind of music. I loke Rock, such as Paparoach, Nickelback and so on.. My favourite color is pink (cant u see? ) but I love also purple and black. I think it's enough. If you intrested in my life please visit my Deviantart account or my blog but pay attention, this one is in Italian only!

What "Cosplay" is?

english > The world "Cosplay" is composed by the two words: Cos and Play, which mean "Costume" and Play / Player : "Interpretation". This kind of tradiction was born in Japan during '80 thanks to otaku who loved manga, and videogames.. so that they decided to get dressed as their favourite character.

The difference between Carnival and Cosplay is that a Cosplayer can get dressed as a cartoons all the year, during some specific fairs. This is a passion diffused all over the world which grows every year, and people come from different countries to visit those fairs!

What exactly Cosplay is...?!
Lot of people often ask me about it... well, let's have a look at it. There's the meaning:
Cosplay consists in wearing completely a character, but not only in his dress.. also in his behaviour! It goes without saying that if you do Cosplay, you're a Cosplayer! You can Cosplay both manga, anime, films, videogames and much more than you can imagine!
Cosplay arrived in Italy in 1992 approximately, and since then it start growing in north. There're a lot of fairesduring which everyone do Cosplay. The most important faires in Italy are: Lucca Comix & Games ( 1 - 4 November ), Romics ( 4 - 7 October ), Rimini Comics and Comicon.

In 2005 Italy won the title of "best world cosplay" by Silen, Devilman's arphy, done by Giorgia Vecchini (you can see the photo on the left ) know today as the best italian cosplay-girl . The selection tooks place in the city of Rome during Romics, while the Japan representative selected Giorgia, so she went to the WCS (World Cosplay Summit) which takes place every year in Nayoga into a veeeery big stadium all dedicated to the event. Recently more and more people try to win the selection to go to WCS, also because there's the possibility to go one week to Japan!! (Obviously... You've to pay nothing!! ). It goes without saying that is a very honor being selected...!

AerisAlcyoneAlphonseCloud StrifeOh My GoddessSpiderman

How to become a Cosplayer?

english > There're no rules. A Cosplayer, generally, make the costume by himself, or whit the help of someone.

There're lot of costumes on sales on internet, such as on eBay, but the real peculiarity of a costume may sometime be accessories!

To become a Cosplayer you've to choose a character first of all! Usually people choose it because of their similarity, or 'cause they like the cartoon series.

After having chosen the chatacter, you've to study the costume .. you can make some draws, helping yourself by collecting images, or looking for photos of someone who've already did your costume.

The most difficult part is to study how to wear it! "How I could do?"
Some characters never change their costume since the beginning to the end.. and they was born with that dress, don't you think? Then you've to fix together all the parts . That's the most amusing part for me! When you've copleted everything, you can take a look to all accessories and the wig, because some characters have very strange hairs!!.

You've not finished! That's the moment to enter into the action having the same behaviour of your char! So you can turn into him. If you visit some fairs, you can meet other people with your same passion, and have some fun with them!

FF7 Cosplayers

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