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I got a sponsor!

I think is now time to start writing in English… I’m happy to announce that I’ve a sponsor! ^__^

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I’m waiting for a cosplay they’re making for me :D as soon as I get it, I’ll make a review! Can you guess what is it? ;)

easy So easy, c’mon! :B

I love to dress up as my favourite character and I am happy to collaborate with new realities and shops to improve their business :tomato:

As a cosplayer, I love to make costumes by myself, so that I will never take part to any challenge with costumes I don’t realize personally, but I enjoy go to the conventions and have fun with it! :love:

Cosplaying is very expensive, so it is very nice for a cosplayer to have supporters and sponsor to keep going with this great hobby! Thanks to all my supporters: MicCostumes, Brian D., Max and all my foreign fans who always support me with cosplay props…. Thank you guys! :D

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x_x o.o ^_^ ^^ ^.^ XP O_o O_O ?_? ;) :° :zzz: :yessir: :yawn: :tsk: :tomato: :sweetsad: :sweet: :sing: :shit: :sad: :roll: :rock: :prot: :poke: :plotting: :phone: :nowords: :nosee: :nono: :mumble: :mhm: :melon: :love: :lose: :lens: :hit: :hill: :evil: :ehm: :damn: :da: :boy: :bow: :bho: :angry: :angel: :P :D :B :/ :) :( 8) -.-

New Gallery Online

Well, err... :3

AuraRinoaI’m a just a girl like every other girl in the world…but I have a great passion: Cosplaying! My passion started in the early 2003 when I went to Lucca Comics & Games and I saw some people dressed as videogames characters. In 2004 I decided to go back to Lucca with the ...